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The Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership (BREIP), initiated by Xinhua News Agency, is established jointly by news agencies, information service agencies, institutions, and business associations, etc., in countries along the Belt and Road routes, with the aim to promote communication and cooperation among the countries along the Belt and Road routes through information services. Members of BREIP can cooperate in fields such as proprietary information exchange, channel interconnection, product agency, and special consultation. In order to facilitate information sharing and communication under the BREIP, China Economic Information Service under Xinhua News Agency built BRInfo. The platform applies natural language processing (NLP) technology and adopts functions such as information gathering analysis, hot topic aggregation and customized tracking to provide users with intelligent and customized services.

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Information gathering

By gathering the high-quality information provided by the BREIP members, the BRInfo platform supports information screening and query by source, time, popularity, region, classification, relevance and other dimensions, to achieve "one platform, all gathering".

Hot topic aggregation

By analyzing the information and hot topic search list, extracting hot topic summaries, and displaying the history and trend of the hot issues covered by the BREIP members, the BRInfo platform can provide fast, comprehensive, and in-depth hot-topic tracking services for users.

Intelligent analysis

By the natural language analysis function, the BRInfo platform can analyze and process the collected information, intelligently extract summaries, key people, institutions, locations, and determine whether the information is positive or negative, to help users quickly grasp the key points of the information and improve the information access efficiency.

Information customization

The BRInfo platform supports information customization and tracking by keywords and source channels to meet the needs of users for content of interest. The message push service can achieve active push to remind users of viewing the latest content in real time, and process it at the earliest possible time.